5 most affordable areas to live in Dubai


Dubai is quite an expensive city to live in. Although, over the last few years the rental prices have gone down, yet it can be quite expensive which can take a decent amount of your salary. However, there are some areas which can provide you good accommodation at cheaper rates. Here, we have listed 5 most affordable areas of Dubai. All of these areas are with all kinds of amenities and are well connected.

1. Dubai International City

International city tops the list of most affordable rent areas in UAE. Located at Al- warsan area, the area is spread across 8 million square meters. From school to supermarkets, medical facilities, restaurants, and cafes, etc, the area has no shortage of modern amenities.

Whole area is divided into 10 localities, surrounded by green space. The key feature of this locality is its architecture. The residential area is divided according to its design. Each area is named after a country like China, France, Greece, Spain, Italy: Emirates.

The area includes studios, spacious 1 bedroom apartment to 3 bedroom apartment. The average rental price is near about AED 32,500 to AED 42,500 annually.

2. Deira

For people having a low budget, Deira will be one of the best choices. Deria is similar to Bur Dubai but it is a bit modern. Deira is known as the first business area of Dubai. The area is mostly inhabited by Indians.

Deira is located near the airport and is well connected to all the landmarks. It is a mixture of old and new Dubai, it includes normal old shops to modern buildings with huge number of restaurants.

The average annual rent per year is near AED 42,000 to AED 57,700 for a fully furnished apartment.

3.  Dubai Silicon Oasis

Known as the technical hub of Dubai, Silicon oasis is located at highway intersection of sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Rd and Dubai-Al-Ain road.This place is full of commercial spaces for rent, and is most suited for people who want to start their own business.

Nearby places includes International city, Dubai mall, Dubai international airport etc. Because of its central location, the place is well known among expats.Dubai silicon oasis includes all kinds of essential amenities.

The area can provide you with the best residential house at the most affordable price. The average rate ranges from AED 45,000 to AED 65,000 annually for  2-3 bedroom apartments.

4. Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports city is another best option if you are looking for an affordable residency. As the name suggests, the area is most suited to sports-oriented people. 

There is a large number of sports complexes like gymnasiums, sports stadiums, etc. The area also hosts a large number of parks and plenty of jogging tracks and biking lanes. Overall, if you want to maintain an active and sports-centric lifestyle, then this area is ideal for you.

The average price for a studio apartment is AED 19,999/annually. For 2-3 bedrooms, you can expect from AED 31,997/ year to AED 58,000/year.

5. Jumeirah village circle (JVC)

JVC is not only famous for its huge villas, but the area also includes the most affordable apartments for rent in Dubai. There are a large number of designed houses with huge space, ideal for families.

 The place includes all kinds of modern amenities like schools, shopping malls, parks, green spaces, cafes, gyms, and fitness centers. Nearby localities include most notable Dubai attractions like Dubai Miracle Gardens, Mall of Emirates, Dubai International Airport, Downtown Dubai.

Average rental areas are up to AED22,000/year for studio apartments and AED 42,000/year for 2 bedroom apartments.