Best Place to Live in Sharjah

Best place to live in Sharjah

Sharjah is the 3rd biggest city in UAE. Also known as a cultural capital, Sharjah includes many ancient buildings and museums. This emirate is adjacent to Dubai but it’s free from Dubai like hassle and is very affordable. Thus, Sharjah is also the most desirable place for expats. If you are confused regarding which area to live in, here we have come up with 5 best places to live in Sharjah:


It is one of the most popular areas with many affordable apartments in Sharjah. This area will offer you a hassle-free and comfortable life, unlike Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Nearby location includes Al Majaz, which is the center of Sharjah as well as the iconic King Faisal mosque. The area has schools, malls, restaurants, and parks. Overall, this place is ideal for families looking for rent.

The average rent price starts from AED 13000/year and the average sale price is around AED 525,000/year.

2. Al Majaz

Al Majaz is one of the most amazing places in Sharjah. Al Majaz is the center of the city and offers a waterfront living experience for families. As the area is located near the waterfront, there are a number of recreational activities available and it can be considered as a tourist attraction.

The area is divided into 3 parts, Majaz 1, Majaz 2, and Majaz 3. Al Majaz includes the Sharjah musical fountain, various parks, and popular concert venues. Overall,  this area is peaceful and well developed, suitable for families.

The Average rent price is AED 16,000 annually and the average sale price starts from AED 350,000

3.  Al Nahda

According to search volume, Al Nahda is one of the most popular areas for renting in Sharjah. Al Nahda is located at the Dubai- Sharjah border, which allows residents to have the best of both emirates.  The area consists of medium and high-rise apartments for families and singles.

Because of its location, people find it more economical to work in Dubai and live in Al Nahda. Although rents are relatively lower the area includes all essential facilities like hospitals, schools, malls, and recreational venues. 

The average rent for 1 bhk is around AED 37,000/year. The average rent of 2 or 3 bhk rent ranges from AED 42,000 to AED 75,000/ annually.

4. Al Khan

 Also known as Buhaira Corniche is also one of the popular residential areas in Sharjah. Neighbouring Al Majaz, AL khan also offers affordable waterfront apartments for rent. Al khan includes all facilities like schools, clinics, parks, and supermarkets.

Because of its close proximity to Dubai, rents are comparatively higher than other areas of Sharjah. Rent for 1 BHK is around AED 24,000/ annually. For 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartments, rent starts at AED 38,000/ annually.

5. Al Taawun

Neighboring Dubai- Sharjah borders, Al Taawun is one of the popular to live in Sharjah. Located between Al Mamzar lake and Khalid lake, Al Taawun provides  

high Rise waterfront apartments. Al Taawun is ranked as the 2nd most popular area renting apartments in Sharjah.

Al Taawun is surrounded by residential complexes from all sides. The area is well equipped with all types of amenities.  Renting an apartment is very affordable and convenient. 

The average rent for 1 BHK is around AED 26,000/annually. The average rent for 2 and 3 BHK is around AED 37,000 and AED 49,000 respectively.