Top 5 Places to Live in Ajman


Ajman is the capital of the emirate of Ajman in the UAE, located along the persian gulf. Ajman is also home to Arab’s heavy industries, one of the world’s largest ship manufacturing firms. Ajman port and free zone are major contributors to the emirate’s economy. Ajman has recently been gaining a lot of popularity amongst the locals and the expats. This can be credited to the fact that there are a lot of residential developments coming up. If you want to live in Ajman you can choose from the following areas:


Al Rawda is the best place to live in Ajman if you are looking for villas for sale or rent. Because of its location in the outskirts of Ajman, it will provide a peaceful lifestyle in Ajman.  Also, educational institutes like the Oxford School and hospitals like the Ajman Medical Centre makes this place popular. Apartments of Ajman provides wide range of facilities like swimming pools, gyms, etc. Residential areas are 10 to 15 minutes away from the City Centre of Ajman. Safer and Nesto Hypermarkets are located just outside Al Rawda. Al Rawda provides unique architectural style villas. Although, this place is costly but gives you a great experience of life.

Expected annual rent at:

Studio apartmentAED 13K
1 bed apartmentAED 19K
3-bedroom villasAED 53K
4-bedroom housesAED 57K

2. Al Rashidiya

Al Rashidiya has one of the best residential areas in Ajman. High rise apartments are located close to downtown Ajman. You can also find villas here. University of Ajman and the city university college of Ajman is located here. This place provides luxurious as well as affordable facilities for housing.

Expected annual rent:

Studio apartmentAED 11K
1-bed apartmentAED 21K
3-bedroom villasAED 46K
5-bedroom villasAED 68K

3. Al Mowaihat

Al Mowaihat area of Ajman is popular choice for people who live in Ajman and work in Dubai.  Villas are available with front and back yards with luxurious interiors and distinct architecture. The residential area with grocery stores and restaurants is included throughout. Well-known schools like Ajman academy, Delhi private school, city school are located here. Saudi german hospital and city University College is near Al Mowaihat. Also, parks, play areas, supermarkets, and shopping options are available. Area proximity to E311-Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed road reduces the communication between Ajman and Dubai and that timing is around 30 minutes. This area is very popular in Ajman to live in.

For rental properties some annual expected rent prices given below.

Studio apartmentAED 24K
1 bed apartmentAED 19K
2 bed apartmentAED 24K
3-bedroom villasAED 58K
5-bedroom villasAED 77K

4. Al Jurf

Al Jurf is the best residential area in Ajman because of its prime location close to industrial area and also metropolitan lifestyle. This area is popular among those employees who work in this industrial zone because of the ease of communication. Well-designed apartments and luxurious villas are available at prices one can afford. Educational institutes like Kids zone educational institutes, Ajman modern school, Al Ameer English School, and Ajman University are close to Al Jurf. Both residential and commercial properties are available here. Al jurf includes one of the cheapest areas for apartments in Ajman.

Some average rents are shown below in table.

Studio apartmentAED 14K
1 bed apartmentAED 20K
2 bed apartmentAED 26K
3-bedroom villasAED 71K
4-bedroom villasAED 77K

5. Al Nuaimiya

This is the best residential area in Ajman for those who want to live in an apartment. Al Nuaimiya is located at the Ajman Sharjah border and people of this area can enjoy easy access to highways like E11. Proximity to schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and shopping malls are available here so there is no need for people to go far for their daily essentials. Wide range of affordable flats available here for sale and rent.

Expected annual rent:

Studio apartmentAED 15K
1 bed apartmentAED 20K
2 bed apartmentAED 30K